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Our Ancestors' Foods

Secret Bulk Beef Bonus

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🎁 Exclusive Secret Bonus: Double the Beef or Premium Upgrade - FREE for the next 24 Hours!

Congratulations! You've unlocked an extraordinary opportunity to add even more value to your bulk beef pre-sale order. We appreciate you being part of our community, and as a token of our gratitude, we're offering a Secret Bonus that's all about choice and luxury.

How to Claim Your Bonus:

  1. First, make sure you have placed a deposit on your preferred bulk beef share.

  2. Add this Exclusive Secret Bonus product to your cart.

  3. Choose the option that delights you the most:

    • Double Delight: Double the amount of ground beef originally included in your bonus β€” perfect for burgers, tacos, meatballs, and more. That's twice the yumminess in every beef share!

    • Premium Upgrade: Trade the ground beef bonus for a curated selection of our high-end steaks and roasts. Think succulent cuts that promise a gastronomic adventure with every bite β€” a true treat for the connoisseur in you.

  4. Checkout with this product in your cart (for $0, it's our gift to you!) and we will add your chosen bonus to your bulk beef order, absolutely free.

Why Choose this Bonus:

  • Delight in Variety: Whether you're a ground beef fan or a lover of premium cuts, we've got you covered with options that cater to every preference.
  • Enhance Your Culinary Experience: Elevate your home dining experience with cuts that promise delectable meals, every time.
  • Absolute Value: Get more out of your bulk beef order without spending a dime extra. Yes, it's on us, because you deserve it!

Remember, this offer is valid for the next 24 hours only. So, seize the moment and add a splash of gourmet luxury to your bulk beef pre-sale order.

Get ready to bring home the beef feast of your dreams. Claim your secret bonus now!

"We’ve never had ground beef that had such an incredible flavor to it."

"That’s some incredible meat, Leo!

We just had to take a minute to let you know our absolute enjoyment having your ground beef! First we made hamburgers, which were so succulent and juicy, and had a flavor like nothing we had ever had before! Then, we made some tacos/burrito meat, and it truly tasted like Carne Asada steak! We’ve never had ground beef that had such an incredible flavor to it. We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are to know you and have access to such amazing meat!

Thank you, Leo, and everyone there for ALL you do!"

Susan and Paul

Delicious and Nutritious Beef

β€’ Tastes Better

β€’ Higher in Healthy Fats

β€’ Better for the Environment

β€’ Switching to grass-fed beef can revitalize your health. With fewer calories and more good fats than conventional, grass-fed beef can be an integral part of your healthy diet.

  • It was truly a wonderful experience to work with Leo. He took his time answering all of our (many) questions and gave us a lovely tour of the farm. He is very knowledgeable and we are thrilled to have found such a gem. The beef is obviously fantastic. So far, I’ve tried the ribeyes, t-bones, and ground beef. I’ve been very pleased with the meat quality and the whole experience with Our Ancestors’ Foods.

    - Denisse Gable

  • Delicious! We ordered a whole pig and love the taste. So impressed with the care given to raising the animals in the healthiest most natural way possible. Excellent customer service. We will be customers for life. Such a gem to have Our Ancestors Meats in Brevard!

    - Alyssa Ryan

  • If you are interested in high quality meat grown in a sustainable manner you cannot do better than Our Ancestors' Foods. Not only was I shown the animals, I was made a true believer at my first bite. The beef is the best I've ever tasted. The pork is simply amazing. I feel so lucky to live close to this farm and have the ability to feed my family with their foods.

    - Rob Ghent