Connect with the Farm, Meet the Farmer! We are not open to the public, but we hold several "Meat and Greets" annually where we guide guests through the farm, answer questions, and provide samples. We strive to meet the standards of USDA Certified Organic. Our focus is on transparency, allowing you to see our animals and meet the farmer. Our dedication to ethical practices and top-notch quality may be reflected in our prices, but it guarantees that you receive the best meats around, with care and authenticity. Contact us at (321) 277-2055 to find out about our upcoming 'meat & greet' events.

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  • James Smith

    "Leo has an abundance of knowledge about a healthy eating style.
    I have been trying to lose weight for over 15 years and could never get it down below 340. When I met Leo, I was almost 390 pounds and I started listening to things he was saying about healthy eating. I finally sat down with him and discussed it. I started slowly following things that he told me and worked my way into changing my diet. I realized how horrible my eating habits were and the reason why I could never lose weight.
    I learned that the way my parents taught me how to cook and eat was wrong and that I was just feeding my body sugar. It’s been a little over a year and I'm now down to 307 with my goal being 280 (I'm 6'3). I have learned that the food industry doesn't care about our health, they only care about their profit. They will make products that are advertised as healthy and sugar free and then sneak MSG, Maltodextrin, Dextrose and a whole list of other things in that is worse than sugar and that makes you crave more food and sugar.
    I now look at all ingredients and actually look at what I put in my body and I owe it all to Leo. He needs to write a book because he could educate and help so many others learn. If you are on his website, you really have come to the right place."

  • Chris Thomas

    "I am thoroughly sold on grass fed and finished beef, and the benefits from it.  I purchased meat from Our Ancestors Foods. When it was delivered, I was blessed with further instructions on how to best cook grass fed beef.  I had been purchasing from elsewhere without instruction only to be unsatisfied from over cooking it unawares.  With information provided, I cooked an awesome Beefburger that wasn’t dry and was rich with flavor!  Furthermore, I will not purchase meat from supermarkets.  I appreciate the time and effort it takes to bring a healthier meat to the table.  Blessings!!  A BIG thank you to Our Ancestors Foods."

Bulk Beef- How It Works 

Clean Meat takes time because we choose to work with mother nature rather than against it. For that reason, our tribe members plan their meat supply. 

Deposits will be available soon get on the list and be the first to know!!!

  1. Get on the list (you will be kept in the loop & know the moment clean meat is available)  

  2. Plan your clean meat supply (don't worry we will help every step of the way) 

  3. Enjoy Clean Meat From A Trusted Source with the highest standard of practices. 

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We Believe

At Our Ancestors' Foods, we believe that the food we eat has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. We are a family-owned business located in Cocoa, FL, that is passionate about providing our customers with the healthiest and most nourishing meat possible.

We understand that many people follow diets like keto or carnivore for health reasons, our founder included, and we want to support them in their journey towards healing and optimal wellness. By providing high-quality, grass-fed beef that is free from hormones and antibiotics, we hope to empower our customers to take control of their health and reduce their reliance on profit-seeking ultra-processed food and pharmaceutical industries.

At Our Ancestors' Foods, we are committed to educating our customers about the vast health benefits of our grass-fed beef. Our beef is raised using regenerative farming practices that promote soil health and biodiversity, but we believe that the most important aspect of our product is its impact on your health.

By choosing Our Ancestors' Foods, you can feel confident that you are making a choice that is not only delicious, but also beneficial to your health. We believe that the food we eat has a direct impact on our wellbeing, and that our grass-fed beef can help you achieve your health goals.

Thank you for choosing Our Ancestors' Foods for your beef needs. We are proud to provide a product that is not only delicious, but also supports your health and wellness goals.