Bulk Meat

Welcome to Our Ancestors' Foods Bulk Meat Options

Feeding your family with high-quality, sustainably raised meats has never been more straightforward. With our bulk meat options, you can fill your freezer with premium grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, free-range chicken, and succulent lamb at our lowest prices per pound.

Why Pre-order and Deposits?

Pre-ordering and depositing for your bulk meat is a crucial part of our process, and here's why:

  1. Forecasting: Your deposits allow us to plan our year effectively. Raising animals to our superior standards requires precise planning and time. Deposits enable us to raise the right amount of animals each year, minimizing waste and ensuring each animal is given the best possible life.

  2. Consistency: By making a deposit and pre-ordering, you're helping us secure regular dates with our butcher. Quality butchers that meet USDA certification are in high demand, so regular appointments ensure we can provide you with the best quality cuts consistently.

  3. Sustainability: The practice of buying in bulk is a sustainable choice. It helps us honor and respect the whole animal and avoid unnecessary waste. It also allows us to manage our inventory and reduce the need for excess freezer space.

Seasonal Slaughters

At Our Ancestors' Foods, we respect the natural cycles of life and farming. Our animals are raised seasonally, meaning our slaughters are also seasonal. This method aligns with traditional farming practices and ensures our animals live in the most natural and humane conditions possible.

Highest Quality, Lowest Price

Our bulk meat options offer the highest quality meat at our lowest price per pound. It's a win-win. You save money while stocking your freezer with nutritious, flavorful meats, and we gain the ability to plan for the upcoming season effectively.

We offer bulk meat options a few times each year. This not only allows us to provide consistent income for our farm and the best USDA certified butchers but also provides you with regular opportunities to fill your freezer with our exceptional products.

Join the movement towards healthier, more sustainable meat consumption. Place your deposit today for our next bulk meat option. Every purchase brings us closer to a food system that respects the animal, the environment, and our bodies. Thank you for choosing Our Ancestors' Foods.