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Our Ancestors' Foods

Wisdom Warrior 30-Day Reversed Health Club Challenge PORK or BEEF & PORK

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$100 OFF 30-Day Reversed Health Challenge - 20lb Subscription Box

Step into a transformative journey towards better health with our 30-Day Reversed Health Challenge. With this monthly delivery of our finest 20lb selection of 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork, you don't just change your diet, you re-engineer your lifestyle to the fullest.

Beyond the delicious meats, this challenge grants you exclusive access to our Reversed Health Club - a thriving community of health warriors reversing their health issues and challenging conventional dietary wisdom.

As a member of the Reversed Health Club, you will enjoy:

  • Ebook Title: The 30-Day Challenge Guide with the Reversed Health Club
  • Access to the latest health news: Stay ahead with updates on the latest developments and research in health, nutrition, and the carnivore diet.
  • Personal health coaching: Receive guidance from a health coach who has personally triumphed over health issues through this lifestyle transformation and has successfully guided many others.

  • Custom meal plans and recipes: Simplify your transition with tailored meal plans and delicious carnivore diet recipes.

  • Free session with local elite trainers: Get a complimentary training session to optimize your physical health alongside your nutritional transformation.

  • Weekly Q/A sessions: Address your concerns, clarify your doubts and learn from others' experiences in these engaging and informative sessions.

  • 24/7 Support: A supportive and motivating community that is accessible round the clock, ensuring you never feel alone in your journey.


🥩 Pure, clean suet – perfect for cooking a variety of delicious dishes.
☕ A 30-day supply of nutrient-rich bone and guidance to make the perfect broth, an invigorating alternative to your daily coffee routine.
📚 A FREE comprehensive Ebook "The 30 Day Challenge Guide with the Reversed Health Club" offering valuable insights into the carnivore lifestyle.
🗣️ Access to monthly Q&A sessions with Farmer Leo, a seasoned expert in sustainable farming and carnivorous nutrition.
🌟 Exclusive access to the private "Reversed Health Club FB Group," a vibrant community that shares knowledge, support, and inspiration.
🚜 Unique opportunities for farm tours to connect directly with the roots of your food and meet Farmer Leo in person.
🍽️ A comprehensive 30-day meal plan, expertly designed to help you make the most of your premium cuts and maintain your journey on the carnivore path.

  • Leo has an abundance of knowledge about a healthy eating style.
    I have been trying to lose weight for over 15 years and could never get it down below 340. When I met Leo, I was almost 390 pounds and I started listening to things he was saying about healthy eating. I finally sat down with him and discussed it. I started slowly following things that he told me and worked my way into changing my diet. I realized how horrible my eating habits were and the reason why I could never lose weight.
    I learned that the way my parents taught me how to cook and eat was wrong and that I was just feeding my body sugar. It’s been a little over a year and I'm now down to 307 with my goal being 280 (I'm 6'3). I have learned that the food industry doesn't care about our health, they only care about their profit. They will make products that are advertised as healthy and sugar free and then sneak MSG, Maltodextrin, Dextrose and a whole list of other things in that is worse than sugar and that makes you crave more food and sugar.
    I now look at all ingredients and actually look at what I put in my body and I owe it all to Leo. He needs to write a book because he could educate and help so many others learn. If you are on his website, you really have come to the right place.

    -James Smith

  • I absolutely love the grass fed beef from Our Ancestors Foods. Locally owned by an amazing man Leo who delivered my food and who loves educating people on food, health and nutrition. My diet has changed since meeting this man and I feel great.

    -Chris Latham

  • If you are interested in high quality meat grown in a sustainable manner you cannot do better than Our Ancestors' Foods. Not only was I shown the animals, I was made a true believer at my first bite. The beef is the best I've ever tasted. The pork is simply amazing. I feel so lucky to live close to this farm and have the ability to feed my family with their foods.

    - Rob Ghent